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ahhaha thanks. hows chicago?
john8myfood (author)  alvincredible8 years ago
Hi Alvin. Chicago is pretty good. Guess what Alvin? I am planting a church in Chicago. You are the first one to know, besides my fiancee. I need your prayers. Can you pray for me? How are you doing? John
yes sir! ahha im doing ...alright i guess. not too great. things are a bit weird and busy and tiring all the time thanks to school, but after homecoming things are easing up a bit... i decided to take time off pt because its so hard for me to balance everything plus i dont feel like im ready just yet. eh..i guess thigns are a bit confusing right now... but overall, things here in the oc are not bad. good luck with the chruch pastor john ro :-) yay!
john8myfood (author)  alvincredible8 years ago
Stay strong Alvincredible man! You are my hero!