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    3D Printer Part Recycling Grinder

    A good way to cut and shape ,is to use an angle grinder with 1mm cuttind discs,ceramic ones are the best,and the flap discs which have different grades of grid for grinding to polishing .A centre lathe and mill are'nt too hard to make,pillow block bearings,tube heavy enough to have tread for a big chuck,the bed can be square sectin hollow stock havy but not much is needed,most hobyist types have 600mm beds,threaded bar,sliding tool post holders and bits can also be made useing a cutting wheel on a grinder,and if done it can make parts(with care) to upgrade its self.tools re-make tools.what kit ,from remelt to 3D printer and sofware do you have,i have been interested in it but never looked to hard.your grinder could be made larger ,fitted with a geared down pulley set to chip garden wast,branches etc.

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