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  • Car to Arduino Communication: CAN Bus Sniffing and Broadcasting with Arduino

    Hi stvmac11,thanx for the great tutorial!Hopefully you can help me with the following issue: I'm using an Arduino UNO in combination with Sparkfun's CANBUS-shield and the skpang-libraries you've mentioned. I want to sniff all data running over the CANBUS of my car (Skoda Superb 2013), but when I use the code above, I only get "CAN init ok", no CAN-messages are printed to the screen. However, when I first send a message, I receive an answer that exactly corresponds with the message I've sent (for example: when I ask for ENGINE_RPM, I receive the RPM). So it seems I only receive specific messages for specific requests, but somehow I'm not able to sniff all data running over the CANBUS. Can you help me out on this? Thanks in advance!

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