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  • Coffee Table Made Form a Single 2x4

    Great job. Fantastic how this was made from a single 2x4. However, note that your average USA homeowner doesn't have the space or equipment that you used. Still, very inspirational. Congratulations.

    I own a home. I don't have a table saw. I don't have a router. Did you see the machine he used to taper the edges of the legs? Plus he had a high power saw area, not to mention all the space required to house the table saw plus the layout board. Sorry, that's not all found in the typical home. Has nothing to do with gender, please.

    I don't have a table saw, so there's no way I could construct this. I have built plenty of other stuff, but where I could manually saw, or use my power saw. To get those nice clean cuts, table saw is required. Still - a fine job, very impressive.

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