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  • josephchrzempiec commented on jenspen's instructable Retro Radio Upgrade3 weeks ago
    Retro Radio Upgrade

    I like the old and the new. taking something and giving it purpose gain. thank you for the share.

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  • Dewalt Raspberry Pi Development Laptop

    Okay I'm officially Impressed Thank you for the share with us. I'm going to build a rugged Version of this one. Sorry I'm a Ryobi fan. But still a awesome job you did again thank you :)

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  • josephchrzempiec commented on ThothLoki's instructable Play Video With Python and GPIO1 month ago
    Play Video With Python and GPIO

    Hello i have a few Questions Sense I'm still new to raspberry pi. Oh by the way awesome Tut you have here. Is it possible To run a video file on start up automatically? Second Question is the videplayer.py file where do i put that at? The other question is I would like to use a remote control they is used for a TV is it possible to set one up so i can say press Channel 1 and it plays the first file. and so forth and also if i hit the stop button it goes back to playing that first file that booted up?

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  • Portable, Solar 12V Battery Pack

    Hello yes the solar panel does go to a higher voltage But from what have seen on mine When i used that solar charger it brings it down to 12v.

    Very awesome I'm going to build me one as well. How long does the Battery last?

    I forgot to add that in the areas I'm in it's very hard to Charge a tablet or cellphone really any device in the middle of no where. a device like this can be very useful for someone like me thank you.

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  • Easy 5 Minutes USB Solar Charger/Survival USB Charger

    7805 is a great voltage regulator but limited the the capacity only about 750ma max. Also at 750ma it gets hot too. But acar cigarette lighter plug can hold anywhere from 500ma up to 2a depending on which one you get. Also no heat sink needed.

    Awsome project. I build 2 in the past they help alot. Thanks for the share.

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