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  • jpayton commented on SpecificLove's instructable 10 Places to Hide a Spare Key7 months ago
    10 Places to Hide a Spare Key

    You are correct, Most blanks are brass. However many of the cheap door knob and deadbolt sets people buy have aluminum keys included. They are thin and weak and will corrode quickly if left outside. I personally think keys are a very outdated and insecure method. (Not to say they are ineffective.) A password or bio-metric option is much more secure since it involves keys that are very hard to loose or replicate. And it has become far more affordable.

    most keys today are aluminum, zink, or steel with a coating. only a few high end brands still supply brass keys.

    If you use a 10 digit code that uses all the keys then that is totally eliminated. Using the same digit two or more time greatly increases the difficulty using that method also. Bio Metric such as finger print, (Under $100), hand mapping, (More accurate and reliable), or iris (Less affordable) would all be more secure.

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