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  • DIY Powerful LED Panel - Video and Work Light

    The simplest thing I can think of to do (without a light meter) is to compare it side-by-side with incandescent bulbs of various wattages. Or, maybe even better, with LED lighting of known lumen output and the same pattern of light output as this one. We need an instructable on measuring light output!

    Please forgive it if this is out of sequence. Apparently I need an instructable on how to use instructables. The camera idea seems better than just eyeballing it, which is what I was imagining. One thing to watch out for--a bulb (incandescent or led) puts out its lumens in all directions, whereas the led lamp in your instructable throws the light all forward. So if you are not comparing lamps of the same type, you have to adjust (somehow).

    How much light do you get? Do you have an estimate of the lumens?

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