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almcgo5 years ago
there it is
jrleopold (author)  almcgo5 years ago
Nice, thats looks pretty sweet. I'm working on a new instructable for adding things to your sword. This is pretty impressive, good job.
thanks dude lookin forward to it. about an hour go i posted an instructable for a lego/bionacle butterfly knife its pretty cool. i mean, if u have legos.
almcgo5 years ago
hey im about to post a pic of my sword i guess u havent been on in a while but i wish u wud unveil ur new wep.
jrleopold (author) 6 years ago
 This week I'll be posting some new stuff regarding the swords as well as some new paper craft involving the origami finger claws.  
almcgo6 years ago
hope you post more instructables cuz the sword was awesome!
jrleopold (author)  almcgo6 years ago
I'm currently working on a new weapon that I'll be unveiling soon.  It's also completely out of paper and masking tape.  I'll post my new sword up soon as well, probably later today.
thats cool ill be checking your page daily lol
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