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  • jsaul2 commented on trooperrick's instructable Loft Beds1 year ago
    Loft Beds

    Great work! Thank you for sharing! A few questions, please -I'll need more space beneath the loft for a desktop and some cabinets - will I be okay to simply extend the length of the sides to use full 8' boards and an 8' plywood platform? And I'd like to add a desktop to the short side opposite the ladder. How? Maybe 3/4 A/C plywood cut to 39.5 x 24" for the desktop, but how to anchor it? Can I raise the "bottom supports" from 17" to 30" and anchor to those, or will stability be compromised without "bottom supports" closer to the ground? I'm still not sure how I'll support the third, short side of the desktop either... Thanks much!

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  • jsaul2 commented on noahw's instructable Rainbow Wood Magnetic Knife Strip2 years ago
    Rainbow Wood Magnetic Knife Strip

    Looks great! I'd love to start crafting one but don't have the tools :( Can you make another to order?

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