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  • Arduino Nano with WIZ550io = Easy Internet

    its weird its like it doesn't even matter what sketch i have loaded up. if i put on the simple blink sketch it still doesn't power the wiz. I tried alt power sources one USB into the computer and another wall wart. neither will power the project. I tried to power the wiz with a Uno, with the rest of the sketch running on the Nano, and the sketch ran perfectly but when i tried to power up the wiz again with the love.

    Hmm I'm using a usb connected to my computer. What did you use? Also here are the nanos I used: glaring wrong or different in these vs what you used?

    when i power everything up the wiz550io blinks orange as if its trying to tell me something is wrong and nothing works. i used an alternate 3.3v power supply instead of the normal 3.3v from the nano and it works fine. any reason you can think of that the nano will not power the wiz?

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