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i think hungary is beautiful. i went there last year with my mom.
juliofo (author)  RocketPenguin4 years ago
What a lucky you are that your mom took you to Hungary.
I were just few days in Budapest, long ago, but I have to
come back soon because I liked it very much.
kcollins114 years ago
How much weight can these shelves hold. I'm thinking of making the shelves larger--perhaps 12-14 inches wide for bigger books. Will it work?
juliofo (author)  kcollins114 years ago
I wouldn't make it wider that 12. The maximun I have built is 30 cm wide (= 11.8 inches). In the picture of the instructable you can see at the botton shelve, just in the center, 12 big (art history) books that have lasted there more than 5 years without problem.

But use a thick hard wood for the shelves. Otherwise it could be that they bended down.

Good luck.