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  • justabum commented on appleman123987's instructable WiFi Controlled Light Switch2 years ago
    WiFi Controlled Light Switch

    Cannot get it to compile; can you give some info on Arduino / LinkIt One platform and software versions? I am relatively new to board development. I tried both Arduino 1.6.6 / 1.67 (Windows) but any compilation gives "Warning: platform.txt from core 'MediaTek ARM7 EJ-S (32-bits) Boards' contains deprecated ... Consider upgrading this core." After downgrading to 1.6.5 I got basic sketches to compile (e.g. blink) but software is now confused by multiple Servo libraries. I get "Multiple libraries were found for "Servo.h"" and "This library only supports boards with an AVR, SAM or SAMD processor."

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