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  • jw58479 commented on AlexJ10's instructable Simple Cloud Based Home Surveillance5 days ago
    Simple Cloud Based Home Surveillance

    You know what would be really cool ? Some instructions that the average computer user could actually make work. These don't.

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  • Free Home Security System (No Coding Required!)

    So if I had a tablet (Android) with a camera in it, and a wifi set up, could I just download and program the software to do this ? btw, I am pretty much having the same problems as you have outlined in your intro. Its getting pretty desperate here - people are coming into our apt and stealing stuff every time we go out, and we just found out that our next door neighbor is trying to get us to move, so he can take over our apt ???!!!

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  • jw58479 commented on ZippoPT's instructable Living Room Workbench4 months ago
    Living Room Workbench

    That is one beautiful job !!! I was thinking of making something like that, but I need a few extra details - I also live in an apartment, and I want to make a bench for working on guitars, soldering, leather work, and repairing small stuff. Could this unit be rolled over to a couch or living room chair, and used while sitting ? I spend about 90% of my time there, so it would be good to be constructive during that time. Another thing I'm hoping for is to be able to use pallet wood to assemble the unit, maybe with an MDF top. I'm on a tight budget, and I can get that for free here. Guess I'll download SketchUp and see what I can put together.

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  • jw58479 commented on deceiver's instructable Incredible Soda Bottle Pontoon Boat7 months ago
    Incredible Soda Bottle Pontoon Boat

    What a cool idea - If you added a structure to this deck, would it stay dry ? And the panels shown - is their function to contain the bottles ? When this boat is on the water, the hulls are full of water, flowing through them ? It sure looks like it would work well and not cost a lot. good job -

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  • jw58479 commented on mist8k's instructable Make a Glowing Rock Lamp!1 year ago
    Make a Glowing Rock Lamp!

    I like it !!! This must be what is used in electric fireplaces to get the fire look. I'm wondering if there would be some way to make these into a floor lamp. Seems to me that any clear kind of crystal type of stone might also work for this.

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