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  • jwisecarver commented on eLVirus88's instructable Start Your Beef Jerky Addiction Today!11 months ago
    Start Your Beef Jerky Addiction Today!

    I'm overnight marinating 1.8 lbs (800 grams) beef bottom round roast right now. I have a food saver and got a vacuum container I used...stubbs (beef marinade $3.99 / bottle) is sold in giant here on the east coast (va). target only had the bbq sauce. Ever used that? Also I could only find the hickory liquid smoke (Giant, $2.19/bottle), not the mesquite flavor. we'll see hope it goes! I'll update. have a line on cheap venison (butcher fee bout $100 for 50-80 lbs dressed meat from a co-worker...Can't wait:)

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