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  • k0wens commented on clasof56's instructable Firewood rack using no tools2 years ago
    Firewood rack using no tools

    Thanks for the quick reply! If I had a perfectly flat area that wasn't my driveway or my deck, I wouldn't have come across this in the first place! Whatever I go with is going on the, currently, cold hard ground. I had purchased a metal rack from a hardware store, but realized that once I loaded the wood.. it was going to sink. On top of the initial cost, I was going to have to invest in some pavers to put it on. Concern about them cracking under the weight lead to a pretty brief Google search right here! I think I can counter a bit of the leveling issues/bowing of the timbers by adding more cinder blocks for support. It's the theory I'm running with, anyway! Thanks, again!

    You said that sometimes the ground will become unstable and the rack will lean. Ever had one completely fall over? The most convenient place for my wood rack has it right up against a wood fence. A concern for any wood rack, store bought or otherwise, is it toppling over and causing property damage.

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