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One thing i am very greatful for after many years i have found my Family from my Mothers side, Most of them belong to Bandidos MC, I have found so many of my 1st, 2nd,ect Cousins and Uncles that i have not seen since i was very young, I am VERY proud of that, "i have a VERY , VERY, BIG family !!!!!' and i love then ALL dearly
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    Curly/korker Hair Bows

    Before you bake them lightly spray each dowel with a light starch spray. This helps the curl keep its shape

    After i wrap the dowels with the ribbon i sray the dowel with a light starch spray before i bake the dowels, it gives the curl better form and it last longer.

    After you tie the pieces together take your ponytail and loop it around the gathered pieces eith with a small slip knot

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