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sabu.dawdy2 years ago

thank you :)

OddJob2 years ago

Thanks for following!

depotdevoid4 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! I've got lots more coming, so stay tuned!

Out of curiosity, which of my instructables inspired you to subscribe?
karlpinturr (author)  depotdevoid4 years ago
The Food Colouring (Coloring, if you prefer) Markers - which I've just voted for.

I like the way your sense of humour/humor shows itself, and have read several of your Instructables before, but only just got around to subscribing (obviously..!)

Maybe I'll post an 'ible or three at some point - but if you hold your breath, it'll have to be something to do with resurrecting the dead... ;-)
Awesome, thanks for the vote! That officially grants you the right to spell things as Britishly as you like.
ynze5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing!

Dipankar5 years ago
Thank you for Subscribing to me.
With Best Wishes.......................
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