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BKLaRue10 months ago

Thank you for the favorite and for following my Instructables!!!

katerlyn (author)  BKLaRue10 months ago
Keep up the good work. 8-)
JM19991 year ago

Thank you for following me, I hope you enjoy my upcoming projects :D

Thank you for following me :)

Athram2 years ago

Thanks for following, greetings from England! :)

katerlyn (author)  Athram2 years ago
Greetings from Illinois, USA! Smile. I was in London for five hours in 2004. Smile. My cousins live in Slovenia. I had a cousin and his wife working in London so they showed my sister and I and a Slov cousin around town. Saw two airports! Smile.
Athram katerlyn2 years ago
Cool! I'd love to visit the USA one day!
pmilroy3 years ago
GREAT Pedal Bike you are riding. Where can I get one or get plans to build one? Thank you for the great cat/dog ideas. Love and Many Blessings to you and your family. Blessed Be.
katerlyn (author)  pmilroy3 years ago
they have even neater ones now, i bought these on ebay...


i love them!!! where do you Live, i have an extra one!! 8-)
they were my midlife crisis purchase at age of 50.

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