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Wow that is an awesome Ryuk costume; your others are great too! I wish I was a costumer ^^;;
fozzy131 year ago
Thanks for following me!! : )
SLEDHEDONE2 years ago
Your b e a utiful!
canucksgirl2 years ago
Thanks for following. I just returned the favor. You have some great looking instructables!
tech dawg2 years ago
Whats this about everybody getting a membership from you O_o can i get in on this action? JK but really wats it about
The PharMA3 years ago
Thank you again for reaching out--and for the pro membership :)
krmarburger3 years ago
Thanks so much for the year pro membership. Keep up the great work!
mhkabir3 years ago
TY for the pro membership
splazem3 years ago
Hey, thanks for the membership, but I'm not sure why I got it... thanks anyway, though!
kazmataz (author)  splazem3 years ago
Sure thing! Your great Zen garden keyboard for the keyboard vs. mouse contest won you the pro membership.
Oh. Thanks!
Thanx for the year membership!
kazmataz (author)  Computothought4 years ago
Of course! Congrats on the win!
Thank you for the pro membership. You are a life saver. By the way, my significant other has a degree in physical anthropology and has no clue what to do with the degree. ( nobody is hiring) I may tell her to work for instructables!
rwoelkers3 years ago
hey thanks for the membership