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  • kbear99 commented on Luca Gerda's instructable Eerie glowing jars!4 months ago
    Eerie glowing jars!

    Oh? How so? Perhaps because you're thinking the commission is something that you as the end consumer must pay since it's added to the selling price. This much is true. However if you understood the economic benefits of e-commerce I don't think you would be so harsh. It's cheap and efficient marketing. Would you rather a vendor do marketing through TV commercials or overpaid athletes? Also, the author was completely upfront about it.This instructable is a nice idea btw.

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  • kbear99 commented on Puzzledd's instructable Easy Cappuccino6 months ago
    Easy Cappuccino

    Wow I like this shake shake idea -- even easier and no need for a press. I'll have to look for a glass bottle for this. Like anything else it must not be capped when microwaving. Must also be careful when opening the cap after shaking.People should also be careful when heating liquids in a microwave. I know water can store pent up energy and explode unexpectedly. I've seen it happen to someone and it caused serious burns. Best to put an object like a chopstick in the liquid while it microwaves to dissipate the energy.

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