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  • Solder Fume Extractor With Activated Carbon Filter

    Even better--I'm the cool GRANDMA-lol! (It helped to be the oldest of 3 daughters in of line of DiY only sons--I learned a little bit of everything!)

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  • kcisis commented on Tuan_Hoang's instructable Weapons from nail and scrap metal8 months ago
    Weapons from nail and scrap metal

    All waay too gorgeous! I've loved miniatures for eons and love history/fantasy role-play as well. In addition, my 10 y/o grandson LOVES swords, but of course we only let him play with wooden ones--he'd go absolutely crazy over a REAL miniature one. I'm thinking maybe making an oven baked clay faux stone base to hold it, "removably", a la King Arthur. Thank you for sharing, I'd have never thought to take my jewelry making skills in this direction, but it's a start & I've got all the tools.

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  • kcisis commented on Man Up's instructable Fixing Frosted Chalked and Faded Headlights8 months ago
    Fixing Frosted Chalked and Faded Headlights

    Really needed this--garage felt sorry for me & passed my "new" 14 y/o car, but wasn't looking forward to driving in winter with a foggy lens (my eyes are bad enuf)! Been wanting to add that buffer to my stash of goodies so this gives me a good excuse & will come in handy on my furniture flips after the fact. Many Thanks!!!

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  • kcisis commented on ReeseLloyd's instructable Magnetic Spice Rack10 months ago
    Magnetic Spice Rack

    I made a spice rack using these tins for my daughter (chose the clear to see the contents, just buy smaller amounts & use up). Covered a metal sheet with wrapping paper and mod-podged, then inserted into a painted frame (also well mod-podged for easy cleaning). She lives in a turn of the century apartment building with white walls and hideous gray cabinetry, so purple is her go to accent color. For her I covered a metal sheet with purple foil wrapping paper (protected by mod podge) in a purple Victorian style frame with purple metallic pearl "antiquing" (also protected by mod podge for cleaning ease). The contrast between the modern canisters and the antique frame makes it look fantastic and, of course, it can be moved anywhere in the kitchen.

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  • kcisis commented on SpecificLove's instructable 10 Places to Hide a Spare Key10 months ago
    10 Places to Hide a Spare Key

    My daughter lives near-by so that's one resource, but a friend who lives several houses away & I hide keys in each other's yards. That way it's accessable if no one is home & if a robber should find it, it's not going to open the house where it's located!

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  • Quick and easy homestead uses for Plastic Bottles (PET)

    Another use for gardeners-cut the bottom off different size bottles, leaving the lids on, when you need to spray for weeds around a "valuable" plant just pop your bottle shield over it and it will be protected from over-spray by buffeting breezes

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