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July 26, 2014
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  • Easy to make (and safer to breathe) Napalm

    Styrofoam and 32:1 two-stroke gas works best. You can obtain various thicknesses by adding more or less Styrofoam and by letting it "cure" for several days and it works well as an improvised drip torch for setting backfires in the wild land fire fighting setting. I've used it on wet brush piles to good effect. It's nothing you want to be near while it's burning. The fumes are toxic and a thick sooty smoke it produced. The pros are that it's very sticky even while burning. At high ratios of foam to gas It can be twisted into a stick to form a drip torch or it can be dispersed manual by pouring from bucket. A remarkable amount of Styrofoam can be dissolved in a small volume of gas. It's been decades but I want to estimate about 5 pounds of Styrofoam per half coffee can of gas to make a super thick gel.

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