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Lowney5 years ago
Hey Subscriber!

I see you have not yet been subscribed to me a full year yet, so I'll let you know now that I comment on all my subbers' orangeboards at Christmas, and whenever I have a contest entry lol.

But I digress,

Just wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Thanks for subscribing as always, and sticking with me! If you could take the time to check out my new forum topic, that would be awesome, as well as my new video! Both links are below, and once again, Merry Christmas!




Oblivitus6 years ago
Thanks for subscribing.
gtrain6 years ago
thanks for subbing
Seleziona6 years ago
Thanks for subscribing!
Was it anything particular?
That's what I say! Now I have to write something different! Grrrr....
Sorry man! I can think of anything else!
I used to say: what do you like of my stuff, but that doesn't sound right, does it....
Got any more brilliant things I can say?
"Worship Lowney, he is epic"

lol, jkn XD
ROFL... I got something else to say... DANG IT! I forgot what it was...
I forgot to put *can't* after the first I...
Lowney6 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! Was it because of any individual build?
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