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Hi, I saw on another site your name, I wanted to get a van for my Mom to drive that she can put her wheelchair in. I also use a wheelchair when we go to places with a lot of walking. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and tourettes syndrome and autistic and more. My mom also drives her Mom places and her mom is in a wheelchair or a scooter.
When my mom has to drive her mom she has to go without her own wheelchair and driver her moms car that has her moms scooter in it. And a lot of times we just stay home because if she walks to much she is in a LOT of pain, and I cant do all the walking either. I have arthritis in my feet and legs and MAN does it hurt to walk around.
I just wanted to help her and get her a van because ours has stopped working. She has a suitcase ramp she uses in her van. Shes a really good Mom. I joke and call her my Ood, from Dr. Who.
She does so much for me, and for her Mom and Dad who are 78 and she really deserves this.
iceng2 years ago

One hundred following you and more incoming.  Happy Thanksgiving :-)
iceng2 years ago
Long time answering your previous query.

It is the LIDAR facility in Washington.
Which balances the two lasers in a vacuum with tune out notch at the
crystal return mirror resonant frequency and use the corrective drive as
the gravity signal information.

Speaking with my friend, the facility appears to have failed to confirm
Einstein's gravity waves from nearby orbiting dual suns or sun with
black hole.
kelseymh (author)  iceng2 years ago
Can you remind me what my "previous query" was?

I think that rather than "LIDAR" (which is used by the police to catch speeders) you are thinking of the LIGO facility in Hanford, Washington. It uses a Michelson-Morley interferometer set up, with Fabry-Perot cavities on each arm, to look for gravitational waves.

Together with a similar detector in Livingston, Louisiana, it is looking for gravitational waves from astrophysical sources such as merging neutron stars or merging black holes. At present, the sensitivity of LIGO is still not quite good enough (there's too much background noise) to actually observe such signals.
What, nothing on your Orangeboard about the Higgs? I am disappoint. :(
Thank you for sharing your experience with a company who provides lazy susan-type bearings! This is why I love Instructables!
kelseymh (author)  huck alexander2 years ago
No problem! I've used McMaster-Carr as a resource for about fifteen years, now, and haven't had any problems. Their catalog runs to something like 3,000+ really dense pages, with everything from individual nuts up to forklifts.

Long time no see! Just saying Hi. :) (Ooh, now I'm the first *and* second posts on your Orangeboard...stalker points, yay!)
kelseymh (author)  Lithium Rain2 years ago
Well Hi to you too :-)
Hi, Kelsey!

I wanted to ask a fairly random question here in order not to derail the established thread as it's so far off-topic. In the vegetarian thread, you wrote "I am completely in support of your opinions about CAFOs. The conditions there are appalling -- if (when) human beings were treated that way, the perpetrators were tried and executed."

I'm curious as to where you stand on the death penalty - given what I know about your general political slant I would think it likely that you oppose it across the board. However, (though I realize it doesn't *necessarily* reflect anything about what you think), I wasn't as sure after reading your comment. I found the thought of what Nacho calls a "Lotus Eating Leftie" tacitly finding capital punishment acceptable on a thread about animal rights rather interesting. Thus my curiosity. :D

(If you're not comfortable with the question (I don't know that I would be!), apologies and I can remove the comment.)
kelseymh (author)  Lithium Rain2 years ago
In my comment, I was drawing an implicit historical parallel (i.e., to the Nazi concentration camps and subsequent Nuremberg trials). I do not favor the death penalty at all, for both moral and economic reasons.
ElvenChild3 years ago
Umm what exactly is a BS in Physics, because in english it means @!#$@%$##@#@$#$@$@#$%@%/#%#@#$#$#%#$%##@... or something like that?
kelseymh (author)  ElvenChild3 years ago
kelseymh (author) 3 years ago
[ Regarding OPERA's report of superluminal neutrinos: ]

I'm extremely confident that there's an unexpected, and subtle, systematic error in either the raw data or in OPERA's analysis. I've already done some back-of-the-envelope calculations for the obvious things (e.g., surface distance vs. line-of-sight) and they're the wrong order of magnitude.

When you read their paper, they go into great detail about their measurements, so I don't believe they've made any simple mistake.

I'm especially reassured by the three-dimensional GPS measurements of the L'Aquila (Gran Sasso) site (Fig. 7, page 10). The uncertainty in the measurements is quite clear from the scatter, and is just a few cm in each direction. The beautiful systematic trend of plate tectonics, with the theta-function from the earthquake in the middle, give me a lot of confidence that they have good data in hand.
kelseymh (author) 3 years ago

"Error 400" reports, since October 2009: