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bev.blackston6 months ago

saw this site, want some ideas to do w/my 12 yr old make me look good thanks Bev

goodman32 years ago
I thank you,
I learn about scince, My first scince. I made wet snow made 4oz.
plz describe the ENSTIEN EQUATION.
Shifrin7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Shifrin Shifrin7 years ago
17 Instructables your first day here (in counting) Great!
ac1D Shifrin7 years ago
and they are all in metacafe video to make moeny, with no written step. cool? added to the metacafe ignore list so he dont get money off me.
PetervG ac1D7 years ago
How did you do that?
ac1D PetervG7 years ago
its a program you let running on your computer with firefox, and when it detect a metacafe video, it look on other website for it before, and if it dont find it, it will download and upload if somewhere else, so other can see it without letting the producer get money
So you're pretty much scamming him? Yeah, but I do agree that it seems rather ridiculous that he does that.
Its not like You're sending him the money, besides maybe he earn it by making these cool and educational videos?
Shifrin ac1D7 years ago
mangomango5 years ago
you really need to make a video about the fire on your hand thingy!
Did you make that vacuum chamber yourself? I would be really great if you could post instructions on how to make something like that.
EPL6 years ago
in alternative use for peeps how do you increase and decrease the pressure and volume?
Hey Kent, could you please link YouTube versions of your videos? My computer's admin (I used to be admin, but I did a lot of hacking) has MetaCafe blocked. And no, it's not my web browser, I'm using (and always have been) the latest version of Firefox (currently 3.0.4).