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June 18, 2014
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  • kidjedi commented on velacreations's instructable Chispito Wind Generator3 months ago
    Chispito Wind Generator

    I am biding time (saving $) on solar panels for our Airstream, and was looking for a way to make a small wind generator to mount on top of the trailer to charge batteries while driving. Any reason why something like this wouldn't work? Is there a limit to how fast the blades/turbine can spin before it would create problems? I think I will likely find an old fan to use for the blades, as fan blades would likely be sturdier than the home made pvc blades mentioned here.

    If I'm using smaller blades, would it really have that great of an effect (especially while already towing a trailer)? Plus, even while parked, if there's wind I'd be generating electricity.And the trailer is of course already set up to charge from the alternator while towing.

    If using smaller blades, will drag really be that big of an effect (especially already towing a trailer?).

    Yeah... I was actually already looking at switching the rotor design to Savonious. Thanks!

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