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Sept. 15, 2015
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  • Real Shelf Stable Apple Butter, Recovering a Lost Art.

    I think my mom might have received the recipe from my dads mother. She was born in 1875 into a Mennonite family in PA. My grandparents lived on a farm and my grandfather had a big cider press where he made cider for surrounding farmers and he got his payment mostly in apples so Grandma had lots to work with. Since they didn't get electricity in their home until after WW2 I'm sure she used the crocks to store much. I remember my dad telling me she made sausage when they butchered a pig and stored it in a crock with a layer of sausage and then a layer of fat then another layer of each until the crock was full then it was stored that way. My mother made the apple butter for years but I remember her making it in my home in the 1970's. I'll be 76 in 2 weeks so things were passed down for a long time. I'm glad you are keeping these old ways recorded because the way things are going we may need them again before long.

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  • Real Shelf Stable Apple Butter, Recovering a Lost Art.

    This was the basic recipe my mother used but so we didn't have to stir constantly she would, after cooking it down , put it in an enamel roaster and put it in the oven at a about 250 , stirring occasionally, until as thick as she wanted it.

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