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Untitled276 years ago
hey on ur turbine project, how many volts does it produce?
=-_-=8 years ago
HI I tried to private message you earlier,because I don't know if it sent so im gonna write this again,i was wondering if u could tell me how to attach the generator and tell me how to maybe light a lightbulb or a lamp with it. reply as soon as possible Blake
kidwindrob (author)  =-_-=8 years ago

I am adding a page for hooking up a turbine to small electrical devices.

From your email, I'm not sure what your problem is exactly. Are you have trouble connecting the leads of the wires to the generator, or are you unclear about hooking up the wires to an LED bulb, or both?

You can connect wires to the leads of the DC motor, snake them down the nacelle and tower, and then snake them through the drilled PVC T at the bottom. To connect a multimeter to the turbine, attach the ends of the wires to the leads of the meter. To connect an LED Christmas bulb, strip the ends of the LED wires, and attach them to the ends of the wires.

You will have to produce about 1.8 volts of electricity to power an LED Christmas bulb. If you still can't get it to work, try reversing the leads of the LED.

To be clear... This is a turbine that demonstrates wind power. It is not strong enough to light a lamp in your house or a real light bulb. It can only light a small LED bulb (i.e. one light from a set of LED Christmas lights).

Hope this helps!
Ok thank your for the information,I will try it with a small Led bulb,i just wanted to show a demonstration,and I'm planning on making a more powerful one i just wanted to be clear on how to run the wire down the pvc pipe. Thanks again

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