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JonnyBGood3 years ago
Just me again

Anyway I finished the handgun competitor IV (holding back on pictures yet) I really like how it turned out so thanks for the input on the concept. It really helped me figure out what direction I wanted to take this.
killersir751 (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago
Nice, can't wait to see it.
JonnyBGood3 years ago
So how'd the competitor turn out?
killersir751 (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago
In my attempts to make it better, I think I made it worse. I might have to take off the additions and try again but I will probably scrap it. It was a good gun though.
Well I'm glad you enjoyed building it at least. So I assume you are one of those types who like small simple guns because you can but whatever appearance you want on them? Just curious because I'm considering how I want to do Competitor IV. As of right now I think competitor will be coming back to it's handgun roots.
I've also noticed that more of my older guns are built than my newer ones, granted there isn't ibles for all of the new ones but I still find that very interesting.

Is there any gun I built that doesn't have an ible that you're interested in?
killersir751 (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago
Currently none, still a bit caught up in exams to do much. I think it might be pretty cool to see the Competitor return as a pistol. Maybe do a pistol version, then a different (rifle, shotgun, etc) version, see which gets the better reviews and post an ible of it?
Sounds a bit along the lines I was planning. I was planning for two competitor IV's except I was thinking a performance version, and a appearance version( appearance doesn't mean I disregard performance)

Anyway I like your idea as well.. I got to post some stuff anyway but I'll keep you updated.
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JonnyBGood3 years ago
Thanks for the sub!

Mike Thesaurus just pm'ed me the knex contest Rods and Connectors will be starting soon from June 1 to August 12, 2013! So if you're going to post some things, that time is coming soon!

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Hi there! I wish you a merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year!
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Knex4Life234 years ago
hade some fun
Ghost Wolf5 years ago
Have any of you played the three word game? It's like a story I post three words then you post three words

ex: Me: A dolphin was

You: slapped by a

Me: overweight Mc D eater

You: that thought it

Want to play?

I'll start

A garden gnome
killersir751 (author)  Ghost Wolf5 years ago
in ya house