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Sept. 26, 2016
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  • kiwi_nz commented on ravin108's instructable How to set up a coax (MoCA) network3 weeks ago
    How to set up a coax (MoCA) network

    Hi there,I have just been relocated to Europe and prior to now network cabling has not been a problem, nor has wireless signal in my home. However I am now living in a 120 year old apartment with walls that are so thick they could withstand a an explosion. The one saving grace is many of the rooms have been wired with modern coax.I have had installed a cable modem (UPC is the provider here). The provider runs fiber to the building and from there it is split in the basement of the building and runs coax to the different apartments. The one problem is I am not sure where which outlet is the first outlet in my apartment.I was wondering is it possible to take one of the available outlets off the wall add in a coax splitter/combiner and install my cable modem, then add an ethernet to moca adapter from the cable modem back in the the coax splitter/combiner. I have attached a diagram with my thoughts. If there is a better way to do it with other equipment I am also open to suggestions.Thanks in advance

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