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knex artillery (author) 8 years ago
just finished uploading video of my rpg versus the srv1 should be up by tomorrow!
post your g36c
Cool. I just bought about 10 pounds of k'nex (maybe 2000 pieces) today at a yard sale for $15. I am giddy with delight. :)
ShotPain6 years ago
 dude. barret 50. cal made me jizz in my pants LOL
you should post it, i don't think anyone else has posted theirs so you would be the first.
Red-Dragon6 years ago
plaese pos the barret 50cal or the m110
knex artillery (author) 8 years ago
posted my mp5!
hey i was wondering if you could post some more pics on the thing that attaches to the barrel and anyway to sub the spacers in barrel thanks
halokiller7 years ago
hey knex artillery can u plzzzzzz posthow 2 make that knex umm m16 iz it? but plz i rly wanna no how :D
knex artillery (author) 8 years ago
check out my new l96a1 sniper rifle!
knex artillery (author) 8 years ago
just finished making my first instructable,the rpg!
Check out my shotgun, the CS1, it has been out for a while but I figured I'd let you know anyway.
CS2* not CS1.
My AP4 has just been released!
Oblivitus8 years ago
I have a couple of new instructables, come see.
jollex8 years ago
Hi! This is Jollex:

Well around here I am one of the "Knex Masters" and i give these greetings out to the new knexers so they don't end up doing something stupid and getting on the wrong side with the knexers here.

Now, to get started. welcome to the knex community! i hope you like it here. the people are nice (most of them anyway, just ignore the annoying ones). There are many things you might want to know, you can find answers to those by asking me or any of the other masters like I_Am_Canadian and DSman195276. I also recommend that you read this instructable as it will answer questions my might have.

Well, thats all. i hope to see some great knex instructables out of you:-)