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nfk115 years ago
u live kinda close.i live in TX to
knex gun builder freak (author)  nfk115 years ago
not really, thats just our mailbox, we live 5 hours over the boarder from there. :(
Seleziona5 years ago
Thanks for the patch! :D
thanks for the patch!!!!!!!!!!!
Your welcome, had to send them off before my membership expired!!! :P
it was my first patch!
Shadowman395 years ago
Thanks for the patch! :-D
No problem, i had to get rid of it anyway!!!:P
So in our collab what did the bullets look like?
Knex round semi machinegun.jpg
K,  I don't have many ball socket clips but i can make a few. I'll whip up a prototype on MLCAD and show you.
Are you making an MG?
This thing is really old, we never really did anything.
k, kewl, ill try at a trigger.