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builder9686 years ago
nice vid for your thingy on the left top corner!
knex hater hater (author)  builder9686 years ago
thanks man!
Gavabc1236 years ago
so u hate people that hate knex?
knex hater hater (author) 7 years ago
hey check my shotgun. Its not done but ill post a vid of me fireing it when im done and maybe an instructable
Picture 077.jpg
will you post it?
knex hater hater (author)  biggunner6 years ago
are you gona post this?
knex hater hater (author)  Easy Button6 years ago
well,do you want me to post it,because i will if u want,im makeing my sniper, all of the shotgun prototypes were a bust,if u want me to make the shotgun modle displayed above ill try.
knex hater hater (author)  Easy Button7 years ago
yes,but not until next month,if its built,it will be in the fourums,then and instructable,the only reason i didnt post it was that it was a block trigger.
ill try to make a true trigger for it
knex hater hater (author)  Easy Button7 years ago
theres no need for that,i already have a system in my head.
knex hater hater (author)  Easy Button7 years ago
you coul help me tho.
Nice shotgun can't wait for the vid.