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zascecs6 years ago
Why does the white stick figure have to kill the black stick figure (on your homepage image) for no reason?!?! Did he offend the white stick figure in some way? 
knex_mepalm (author)  zascecs6 years ago
 1. I'm racist and say they are North Koreans.
2. The picture was not meant to be racist but meant to be the proness of me creating a fast paced fight.
3. It was one sided, 100kg guy sits on a 30kg noob, or dunno...
 But how can one of them weigh 70kg more than the other when they're the same size? And how do all these weapons just happen to pop up in the white one's hands?
knex_mepalm (author)  zascecs6 years ago
do you have to treat everything so serious? White=god Black = demon?!

Does it really matter, I just wanted to make a fight which looked cool. I forogt to say this but the white guy does a kamakaze they both die.
Yea, I guess I shouldn't treat this so seriously,


I was just joking around... 
knex_mepalm (author)  zascecs6 years ago
I came from a group who made these with the same characters. My friend made one where he tries to escape as seen in uncyclopedia and another one where he fails at suiciding.
epic badel

I get it. 
knex_mepalm (author)  zascecs6 years ago
 Yes you do. *whispers to friend* " damn Now we need to brainwash him"
nice avatar dude!
webby4276 years ago
Happy easter

knex_mepalm (author)  webby4276 years ago
 Happy easter it is.
knex_mepalm (author)  webby4276 years ago
If you do not live in Australia, are there marketing scams like easter shows, $15 easter egg hunts and stuff like that?
i dont live in australia