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Sorunome3 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! What made you to?
knexrebuilding (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
you have great ball machines and i try to build on my one but that was not so easy..... and you have many good ideas for them
Ha, thanks a lot!
I can't wait until in two months, then i can finally start a new ball machine :D
knexrebuilding (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
do you already know a name for it
Haha, nope, i'm open for suggestions :D
Thanks for the sub. Any particular reason why?
no not really .....
why Ouch .... I had also seen a new rifle built ... Magazine Case gun that was it he looks pretty good
Ouch, because you had no particular reason for subbing me..Oh, you like my RMC?
hey! that's my thing... XD
Wait, what?
whenever i have a new subscriber i say (and i am, or so i thought, the only one who says that) "thanks for the sub! anything you liked in particular?". i always say that, check it out if you want, and i just saw you saying an almost identical sentence and i couldn't help but make a playful comment on the subject.
XD, whoops, sorry. Would you prefer that I should not say that?
naw i don't mind lol