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Hey bro,

I am in the process making a k'nex gun replica ebook, and I was wondering if I could feature your SE-25 in it? Also, can I put in your user name as the creator?
Here is a link to the ebook: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EWSWMJ8
That's amazing! :D and gladly
I have some suggestions for guns :3
-VSS Vintorez
knexsniper1 (author)  megustatrains3 years ago
Those sound great! I'll try to start on one when I can :)
Every time I have tried to leave a message on your M416-CQB, it has not worked, so I am going to leave a message on your OB.

The gun is BOSS. I think it looks amazing. I have one question though, how does the pin touch the bullets. It looks like the FP is too high to touch the bullets in the mag...?
Yeah i've also been having that problem :/ And actually, the magazine doesn't have a top roof thing to prevent the bullets from shooting out - i'm trying to figure that part out - so the bullets are free to fill the chamber where the ram slides and strikes it. It's kinda confusing, but if i ever get instructions up, itll make sense :)
Sounds good. Do you still have that thing built?
I do actually! But i was experimenting with it to try to make it more accurate and i botched up the shooting and i can't remember how to get it back to normal >.< like just the barrel part, the rest is the same.

Additionally, there is the width of about one connection between the top of the mag and where the ram is. So it's like this

0============ ram =====
| one connector space |
| |
| |
| |
/ /
/ /
Oh...that is too bad. Well I hope you get it fixed soon. Hows that MP5 tactical coming along? Or are you still building it?
I actually put that project on hold at the moment :/ Some summer stuff came up, including vacationing haha. But i'll probably finish it sometime within the month
Oh, O.K. Well, I cannot wait to see where you go with it, and I hop you get it done before the contest ends.
Yeah man, college stuff has kept me quite busy recently so i'm trying to find the time to get the knex out and build some awesome machines haha. Not gonna lie, your recent gun releases were VERY impressive!
You are in college? I had no idea... it just goes to show... NVM. XD

Thanks for the complement, I hold you in the "highest regard."
Haha well i'm not in college YET. I just graduated so i'm in the summer session between years

and thank you! I'm pretty inactive in posting stuff, but that's kinda because i'm always doing something else :/ On top of that, I'm still experimenting with gun designs and ideas. I don't really like posting anything unless it's something new. I want to add more to the community, and I can see that you're doing just that! :) Great job bro