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onrust4 years ago
Cool Jesus ROCKS Mr. Knuckel! I love that photo and movie :)
acidbass5 years ago
thanks for the sub
knuckel (author)  acidbass5 years ago
welcome :D
I like your 2 liter lamps idea
knuckel (author)  acidbass5 years ago
thx, not many comments on that one though >.<
knuckel (author)  acidbass5 years ago
how r u?
I am tired and you
knuckel (author)  acidbass5 years ago
lolz thought that sayed you are tierd of me :D
knuckel (author)  acidbass5 years ago
so whats up with ur name whi acid bass, do you like rave alot r something :D
well its a double meaning acidbass (a type of bass style that i play and i use when i DJ) but since when talking about the word bass in a musical sense it is pronounced base it can also be interpreted as the PH scale Acid and Base (just spelled musically)
happyjo5 years ago
knuckel (author)  happyjo5 years ago
Helloz :D
happyjo knuckel5 years ago
hee hee~Knuckel