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  • krgraves commented on JP'sW's instructable Transfer Photograph onto Wood1 year ago
    Transfer Photograph onto Wood

    I like the art of transferring images to wood, but the rubbing the paper off I found that there is always a bit of paper left so there is a fuzzy look to it, unless it is treated or wet. Instead I found this paper-you do not have to rub the paper off. Instead I use a clear gesso as a pretreatment, then I use Liquitex as my adhesive, print as stated here with laser printer, but use this type paper for a rub free transfer. Palissade transfer paper-It comes from Paris, and the maker is remarkable. Although fairly expensive for paper, you will be delighted with the results. You can find this paper on Etsy. Buy the sample pack if you wish first to try. But Tom Palissade transfer paper is the best thing to use.

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  • krgraves commented on CabinetDoorGuys's instructable Image Transfer to Wood1 year ago
    Image Transfer to Wood

    I use Microsoft publisher to flip images to mirror

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