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    You must remember that afte rsome time switches can gain their own resistance (on contact), so when you push one switch, it can be read as another one.

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  • krn1978 commented on klinong's instructable Homemade Pierogi With Bison Meat Filling2 months ago
    Homemade Pierogi With Bison Meat Filling

    Pierogi is traditional Polish food. Dough is made only using flour and warm (or a little bit hot) water. The trick is flour combines better with hot than with cold water. After flattening dough (with roll) (thickness of dough: about 3mm, it's really thin) Poles use glass (ware) to cut round shapes of dough. About filling... there is many ideas about it. It can be fruits, sweeten white cheese, meat, fish, hot mixed boiled potato and white cheese... you can put there anything you like. After filling pieces of dough, seal ends of dough together.

    One more thing... 'Pierogi' is a plurar :) Singular is hmmm... 'pierog'. In fact, it's 'pieróg'. 'Ó' you must read as u. If you go to Poland and write 'pierug', it wil be error :) You have to write 'pieróg' :)

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  • krn1978 commented on jhsyds37's instructable Pocket Stove7 months ago
    Pocket Stove

    Did you try to cook something using this stove? How long did it take to boil cup of water? Wouldn't it be more efficient if you solder frame holders to the tealight can? Project looks very simple and I wonder about its efficiacy.

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  • krn1978 commented on ModMischief's instructable Baked Zucchini Coins10 months ago
    Baked Zucchini Coins

    I make something familiar for many years, but I use only zucchini, mixed (and salted) egg, bread crumbs and salt. 1. Slice zucchini. 2. Salt slices. 3. Dip slices into mixed egg, after it coat them in bread crumbs. 4. Fry them on oil. 5. Taste it :)

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