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DJ Radio5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
kruser495 (author)  whatsisface3 years ago
i am back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(removed by author or community request)
Wasagi DJ Radio5 years ago
He doesn't seem like that kind of guy, do you think that he was hacked?
Wasagi Wasagi5 years ago
If you scan his comments, they seem normal for a 15 year old feller, what made him suddenley get banned? I think that he was hacked...
DJ Radio Wasagi5 years ago
hmm, I would think the admins have thought about this possibility, and locked the account to prevent future logins from this hacker.
Yeah that could have been it, He looks like someone who would understand the be nice policy, and someone who knows that they should follow it, with no desire to disobey it...He was probably hacked, maybe a weak password?
Gjdj35 years ago
Hey. Do you have a moola account? I think I just played you.
kruser495 (author)  Gjdj35 years ago
OMG!!!!!!!! yes i do. i think was you that told me about it. lol. who won? and how much did we play for? how much do you have in your account? i have 1.30.
Gjdj3 kruser4955 years ago
Haha, I think we played for like, 8 cents and you won by a lot. I've got 80 cents overall.
Can I see a picture of your Instructables leatherman? :P (It's okay if you say no, I was just looking through forum topics (forgot what I was searching for) and I saw the results of the Launch It! Challenge. Happy extremely late congratulations!)
Thanks for voting for my cake! Do you like spongebob?
kruser495 (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
that cake was sweet! i just got done watching spongebob. lol

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