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June 14, 2014
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  • ksmith145 commented on Kreat0r's instructable A Best kept secret to Losing weight9 months ago
    A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    I suffered with eating disorders as a teen (anorexia nervosa and bulimia/binge and purge). I stopped obsessing about food around 2007, when I was placed on Effexor for panic disorder. The label used to say it helped OCD plus eating disorders. Now it doesn't. I'm still on the med. I used to calorie restrict daily. The lower the better. I ate no fats, because that was what was popular in the 90s. I was obsessed about food all day long. I would binge and purge to deal with this. As I got older, my worries changed to other things and not my body. I'm 5 foot exactly. Today I weight 119. At my lowest, I weighed 92 lbs. I am within the correct BMI and weight categories, although I've lost about 15 pounds in the last year from my heaviest (depression. Plus another med I take). I still skip meals, and probably shouldn't. I still have an addiction to a Coke can first thing in the morning (altho I have cut down from 4/day). The most often is breakfast. I start work at 2pm. I sleep late but try to eat before I get there. Or substitute food for a coffee (they are equivalent to 500 kcal). I'm also a RN, BSN. We have a semester of nuitrition. As mostly women and a few caring men, we naturally talk about this more than Dr do. Nurses are the ones that order your meal at the hospital,when the Dr forgets to. We often point out that it's supposed to be low salt/low fat for cardiac patients or low sugar/sugar replacements for diabetics. We know that food is medicine. It's not that the Dr is dumb or ignorant. It's not a conspiracy from the food addictive people. It's because they are VERY busy people that try to have family lives as well. They don't go home to study the latest trends. They go home and unwind like the rest of us. PLUS, they have made it to the point in their lifes where they realize that MOST patients won't listen anyways. He can make every correct suggestion to change the progression of your illness, but less than 10% will try more than one month of doing every thing on that list. So he sticks to 2 generals that work on any body at any age. Diet and Exercise. Both are 100% correct. It's not difficult. But our diets (preservatives and additives) and addictions (sugars, fats, chocolates) to food HAVE made it difficult and uncomfortable to do. Let's not blame it on doctors when the sick ones won't do the work. They do a lot of extra studying, but it's not a conspiracy or an ignorance problem, or the fact they only do one semester of nutrition. Did you know they take the Biology and Chemistry classes to understand how organic molecules are formed and changed by energy? I'm only a nurse and had so do one semester of those. They understand what sugars, alcohols (breads/starches), fat, and amino acids (proteins) are broken down. They understand why GMOs aren't terrifying, They understand those chemical effects on the body and how and what organs break it down. So I have to disagree with everyone, and have to tell you that I'm sorry to tell you, but doctors know EXACTLY how nutrition works. Because I do as a nurse. They also know how different diseases affect different racial groups. They know what's better for a cardiac diabetic patients than let's say new first time Mom age 25. It's a liability issue for the poster to have to say seek your doctor's advice. Incase one of you skips a meal and dies and coincidentally the spouse reads this post she tries to blame him. It has happened for crazier things.

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