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  • ktkh commented on RCLifeOn's instructable DIY Mini Air Conditioner1 year ago
    DIY Mini Air Conditioner

    To have continuous ac and more cooling...Use two or more cartons. Use a gasket or Sugru instead of hot glue so that fan can be moved between cartons easily.Add salted water to cartons and freeze entire cartons. Salted water should last longer and be colder than plain ice. When one carton gets warm, return it to the freezer and use the next. Might need to watch for salt condensation on the fan, I'll have to keep an eye on that. You will also need to have something under the unit to catch condensation, as noted by DanS241.Thanks for the inspiration, this is a brilliant little design.

    You could use two or more milk containers to make life easier. Use a gasket between the carton and the fan so that the fan can be moved from carton to carton easily - Sugru would be perfect here.Then you can add salted water to the carton and freeze. Salted water should stay colder longer, and having multiple ice packs would allow you to switch them out quickly. Might have to watch for salt condensation on the fan, will have to see how that goes.Great little design, thanks for the inspiration!Great little design! Thanks for the idea.

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