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  • kurbler commented on tomheylen's instructable How to fix bad Chinese Arduino clones1 year ago
    How to fix bad Chinese Arduino clones

    me again, i have some aditional info. the smd LED (L) is all the time on, after powerup or reset it will flash 3 times und then it will be on. i had writen a sketch that pin 0 to pin 16 set to output and set all of them to LOW, but the LED is still on, strange

    thx for the great Tutorial, i have the same clone like in this tuterial. i can upload the led blink example, i get no error, but the sketch dosen't work, nothing will happens no LED is blinkging. Does it mean the sketch is uploaded well??? When i try another Board Model i get an error. So i installed with my working Uno the bootlaoder, but it dosen't fix the problem :-(. when i do a get board info: i will get BN: Unknown Board VID: 1A86 PID: 7523 SN: Upload any sketch to obatin it. what does it mean?, pls, can somebody explain me, i also put a external LED on the Pin13 but it wont' be blink :-(

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