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July 2, 2015
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  • Grow Bucket - Small & Compact Vegetable Starting Station

    your lucky,I cant plant any tropicals outside till the beginning of june,although,my husband built me a little green house for them this year.I'm pretty excited as it warms up

    I start all my seeds under florescent lights and then move them to my LEDs.I use both LEDs and one 600 watt metal Halide bulb in my garden rooms.The metal hailde not only gives me some bright white light to properly see the plants,it helps keep my basement room warm without having to have extra heating.I'm in Minnesota so we also have very short cool summers,so I grow a lot of my plants indoors year round.I've never had to use a fan to make my plants strong,they just are.People are surprised at how sturdy they get indoors.I have 21 tomatoes,24 onions,and lots of tropical plants that wont survive even our summers,we can get down in the 30's over night.My Callisia Fragans plants probably would,but they are so huge they are hard to move and find enough places to hang them.I love your bucket idea

    yep,I would think you could hang one of the UFO's over the top,as they are nice and round

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