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SpecieS~8 years ago
Sorry, if you understood my comment at the instructable "USB Coil Cable" wrong. I've just deleted it. ;)
Hi-I recently sent out a more detailed message to you privately about my son's project but couldn't attach images of my son in his costume. I'm new to this site. Hope this works! His father and I would like to say thank you again for your idea of the Roman soldier uniform. It helped a great deal. His father really did a great job putting it together. My son was one of ten students to be awarded for his presentation on King Leonidas, Military King of Sparta, Greece. Kudos to you and his dad!!!!! We greatly appreciate your idea and your precise instructions.
laernmoer (author)  deanneharley8 years ago
That is so awesome! Your son looks so cute in his costume! I'm glad that someone else was able to use my idea - Thanks for sharing the pics! the one with his helmet off looks very much like a stoic Roman General. Again, thanks for sharing this! Nick
Hi - just spotted your comment about the Halloween melons. If you do get your kids to carve some melons, any chance of getting a photo of them? It'd be great to see a Japanese take on it!
laernmoer (author)  Irregular Shed9 years ago
yeah, I'll have to get them to do it this year. Last year I didn:t think about having them carve them.