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  • lakawak commented on wilgubeast's instructable 9 Unusual Uses for Aspirin4 months ago
    9 Unusual Uses for Aspirin

    There is not an epidemic of dementia. People are simply living much longer to the point where dementia is likely, compared to the past when the average lifespan was 65 or so before certain old age issues could really take hold for most. Same with many cancers. Cancer is going to get everyone eventually. If we removed every other cause of dying, then the rate of cancer would be 100%. But when people were only living to the mid 60s, fewer people got cancer. Not because it was less prevalent, but because fewer people are dying of other causes before their cells can break down from cancer.

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  • lakawak commented on ecoben's instructable Catch 50 Fleas in One Night7 months ago
    Catch 50 Fleas in One Night

    Sorry ben..but you are wrong. You caught that many because your house is totally infested (dangerously so) not because of your set up. fleas are REPELLED by light. The prefer the dark crevices of carpets. They ARE attracted to warmth, which is why they jump onto animals in the first place. (Animals don't emit light, in case you were wondering.) Incandescent lights work because the heat they give off overcomes their dislike of light. But with small night lights or LED bulbs that stay cool, any fleas you catch will be simply from them jumping around normally to get around. You would do just as well to simply leave the plate on the floor by itself

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