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  • lamaleon commented on GreatScottLab's instructable Make your own LED Bar8 months ago
    Make your own LED Bar

    Hello,I made the bar (on wheels) for my dive club. I programmed ATTINY 85 as in your video, it works. But when try to load the code "ledbarledstrip.ino + functions.ino" I have an error message that appears. See image below.Is it due to to the "clock_trinket Library" that would not work for ATTINY 85?I tried with three "fastled librery"I tried to reinstalling ATTINY85 with the following:https://githubusercontent.com/damellis/attiny/ide-1.6.x-boards-manager/package_damellis_attiny_index.jsonbut the problem remains the same.What can i do?Thank you.

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