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  • lambrosfl commented on tcvella's instructable Ethernet Switching - with Arduino1 year ago
    Ethernet Switching - with Arduino

    Hello and thank you for this great project.In my case I had to edit it and remove the OFF buttons. I renamed the ON button to ON/OFF button and I added a delay of 500ms. Thus by pressing the button the relay stays on for 500ms. The problem I am facing is with the html LED (Green/Black). I want the LED display to be Black (off) and turn to ON once the button is pressed once. Eventhough the replay will turn off again due to the 500ms delay, I want the LED to stay ON (Green) until the next time the button is pressed.Could anyone help me editing the coding here to get the LEDs turn ON and OFF based on the press of the button and not the actual relay status.Thanking you in advanceLambros

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