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busiahn2 years ago
Hi landmanr, this instructable is awesome! I am making something with two one way cat doors with RFID on both, instead of one door with two RFID readers as shown in "Two RF readers instead of one RF reader and an IR sensor". I have no experience with coding, and have been trying to stumble my way through it (it has been a very exciting and frustrating activity). All I am looking to do is add another hall effect sensor and LED for the second door, which I think would only be a couple tweaks in the Variation code you posted. Would it be possible for you to post another variation with two one way doors? I would greatly appreciate it!
I am a forester, so if you have any forestry questions I would be glad to answer them :-)
LesB4 years ago
I had sent this message earlier, but it doesn't show up on your message page, so I'm sending again. Please excuse if it appears twice!

I have been working on my own incarnation of your cat feeder for some time, and I finally got to the point of uploading the first test sequence to the Arduino, that being the "step 3 dc_motor_with_stoppers.pde" So I copied/pasted the sketch from the web page to the Arduino workspace.

When I tried the upload to the Arduino I got error messages. I'm attaching a screenshot of the Arduino workspace I'd appreciate it if you could tell me what's going on here. I'm not a code writer (yet) so it's hard for me to tell what the problem is.

If you would find it more convenient to reply by email, my addy is "LBorean at socal dot rr dot com"

I googled on "'AF_DCMotor' does not name a type" and got something about a library

Arduino error screenshot.jpeg
LesB LesB4 years ago
Well, I noticed that the image attached to my message is so small that it's unreadable, so I'm doing a copy/paste from the Arduino workspace:

First, after the upload attempt, the following line in the sketch was highlighted:
AF_DCMotor motor(3, MOTOR12_64KHZ);

And then down in the next window the following messages appeared:

DC_Motor_with_stoppers:4: error: 'AF_DCMotor' does not name a type
DC_Motor_with_stoppers.cpp: In function 'void setup()':
DC_Motor_with_stoppers:9: error: 'motor' was not declared in this scope
DC_Motor_with_stoppers.cpp: In function 'void loop()':
DC_Motor_with_stoppers:19: error: 'motor' was not declared in this scope
DC_Motor_with_stoppers:19: error: 'FORWARD' was not declared in this scope
DC_Motor_with_stoppers:22: error: 'motor' was not declared in this scope
DC_Motor_with_stoppers:22: error: 'RELEASE' was not declared in this scope
DC_Motor_with_stoppers:29: error: 'BACKWARD' was not declared in this scope
LesB4 years ago
I'm in the middle of building the pet feeder from your Instructible, and I noticed in the video that the hatch closes after a 10-second delay when Toos leaves the feeder.
In my house, the cat that will be kept out of the dish is very tenacious and will likely be able to pounce on the dish and scarf up a few kernels in that time.
Can I reduce the delay in the Arduino code, or is the delay a function of the proximity detector?
I'll probably be coming to you with more questions as the project progresses.
Catronic Feeder.JPG
landmanr (author)  LesB4 years ago
Neat! Yes, actually in cat_feeder7.pde the time is set to 5000 (ms, so 5 seconds). It's in line 19: const int set_time1=5000; Change it to any integer value. Over here the other cat figured out after a while that she had to get in there right after Toos. So at some point I might give the other cat a tag as well and make that tag trigger something to deter her :-/
LesB4 years ago
I am planning to build your RFID cat feeder instructable. How do you power the CD drive? I don't see where you mention anything about a power supply.
landmanr (author)  LesB4 years ago
The Arduino uses its standard 9v dc adapter and the cd drive (i.e. just a dc motor) is connected to, and thereby powered by, the Arduino. More specifically I used the Adafruit motorshield mounted on top of the Arduino but it's the same power source. The motorshield is just for convenience. It would probably work just as well without.
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