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PyroTeen2135 years ago
I recently read a comment from you on an instructable this is what it said.

"lasermaster3531 says:
don't use zippo fuel! I have made a tennis ball mortar that can hurl a tennis ball 300 ft in the air. 1/2 teaspoon ronsonol lighter fuel."

I wanted to know if you were willing to make this into an instructable.
Heyllo :)  I am responding to a reply you gave for the 50$ laser cutting machine tutorial.  Someone asked what laser would work for acrylic sheeting 1/8" thick.  I wanted to know would 500mW work?  or does it have to be 600mW+?  I don't know anything about lasers and programming and such, but I definitely want to make on for jewelry purposes, so as of now I have no clue what I am doing, but I am a quick learner... hopefully lol. Thank you :D
for 1/8" acrylic, i'm guessing you would need closer to a watt, with either water cooling or a monster heat sink. by monster i mean at least 4 pounds of aluminum with a whole lot of fins. water cooling would be much easier. i also would reccommend having a compressed air jet aimed at the place where the laser hits to blow all the fumes and crud away.
iBurn7 years ago
AHHA! I'M THE FIRST TO COMMENT ON YOUR ORANGEBOARD...other than the Robot...but he cheats so he doesn't count. Do you feel special now?
lasermaster3531 (author)  iBurn7 years ago
Hi! how's it going? I have always felt special, but this helps. lol.
 Okay, first of all, I AM aware that I'm replying to this almost a year later :P, but I have a question! I'm looking for a laser diode to cut paper, I remember you said that Infra Red works well because it's absorbed better, but what wattage should I use, and do you know any good sites where I can get one cheap? Please and thank you.

lasermaster3531 (author)  iBurn6 years ago
 the higher the wattage the better(up to a point!), but you have to remember that laser diodes above around 1 watt need to be actively cooled like with some copper tubing wrapped around the housing and soldered with cold water pumped through it in a loop to and from a bucket. also realize that high power laser diodes have special power requirements, like 2.8 volts 6 amps. be sure you have a good adjustable power supply for this. also, i would recommend that you have some kind of opaque shield to protect you from any and all scattered laser light, because just because you can't see it doesn't mean it can't hurt you badly. I would recommend ebay as a starting place for your endeavor. a wise man once hung a sign outside his laboratory that said "there is a big laser in here, so if you are picky about how many limbs you have, then stay out!!"

Lasermaster over and out.
lasermaster3531 (author)  iBurn6 years ago

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